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For maximum flexibility we incorporate break points in our fee structure, to allow you to choose the level of involvement our company has in your project.
The fee structure sets out the stages usually required for a residential interior design project. Commercial projects are quoted according to the nature of the project.


INITIAL MEETING // free of charge
DESIGN FEE // This will vary according to the size of the project and the scope of works, and is set out in detail in our Letter of Agreement following the initial meeting. The Design Fee covers the sourcing of materials and finishes, supply of samples, initial conceptual drawings, and meetings to finalise the designs.

BREAK POINT // you may choose to implement the designs yourself at this stage. The design materials and drawings supplied will provide the basis for this.


BUILDING AND DECORATION SPECIFICATIONS // Once our design proposals are approved, you have the option to commission full working drawings and decoration specifications for each room. These documents detail the work required for contractors to quote, and are suitable for obtaining Council planning consents.

BREAK POINT // From this point you may choose to find, appoint and manage your own contractors.


LIVE can offer a service to tender/quote all work required and manage the contract during the building and decoration stage.


SUPPLY OF MATERIALS // Fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, accessories, floor coverings etc are supplied at very competitive prices. A detailed quotation is supplied for approval before any purchase orders are placed. Delivery charges incurred are charged at cost.

SOFT FURNISHINGS AND UPHOLSTERY // LIVE offers a full service for the supply and installation of curtains, blinds, loose covers, upholstery, bedspreads, headboards, cushions and other soft furnishings at very competitive prices.

JOINERY & FURNITURE // LIVE can work on custom joinery for kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, libraries, and living rooms etc. We can also provide bespoke design for furniture and rugs.

ART & ANTIQUES // LIVE can source art and antiques on behalf of the client.

FURNITURE RESTORATION & SPECIALIST CONTRACTORS // LIVE can organise and coordinate furniture restoration, cleaning and refurbishment of soft furnishings, specialist paint finishes, window design etc.

REVIEW OF PROPERTY FOR SALE // LIVE offers a service to assess likely alterations and decoration costs for any property a client is considering buying.

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